Scripture Memory Program

When we memorize God’s Word, we hide it in our hearts. It helps us to be established in the knowledge of His Word and apply it to our lives more completely. It helps us to maintain a closer fellowship with Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. It equips us to tell others of the Gospel of Christ by bringing scripture verses into our minds at times when we need to share the gospel and to be an effective witness for our Lord (I Peter 3:15). Finally, when we have the Word continually within us, it helps us to be conformed to the character of Jesus Christ.

Why Should I Memorize Scripture?

  • God commands us to memorize His Word – Deuteronomy 6:6
  • To meditate day and night – Joshua 1:8
  • That we may observe to do God’s will – Joshua 1:8
  • To keep us from sin – Psalm 119:11
  • So we do not forget God’s Word – Psalm 119:15-16
  • To light our path – Psalm 119:105
  • To understand God and find His knowledge – Proverbs 2:1-6
  • To allow the Holy Spirit to teach us and work within us – John 14:26
  • To keep in memory the Gospel of salvation – I Corinthians 15:2
  • For our fellowship – that we can teach and admonish one another – Colossians 3:16
  • To equip us to witness – I Peter 3:15
  • For help to overcome temptation – Matthew 4:3-4, Romans 13:14, Hebrews 2:18
  • There are special circumstances where the memorization of scripture would be helpful. Consider the possibility of being injured or sick and having nothing but the memorized Word to dwell on – think of the comfort that would be! What if we were to find ourselves without ready access to the written Word? We will be prepared to give a “ready answer” to others about our faith in Christ and how the Word of God applies to the situations we face in life today.

Seven Reasons For Memorizing Scripture.

  • Scripture memorization will “program” or fill our mind (an amazing computer) with good things. Out of the good treasure of our heart, we will bring forth that which is good. If we put evil things into our minds, then evil things will come out. Let’s make the good part strong!
  • Knowing the Word will help to fill us with praise and thanksgiving to God, will increase our faith, and will bring us to a closer walk with our Lord.
  • “Hiding the Word in our heart” will help to keep us from sin.
  • We should memorize scripture, not just to be constantly quoting it, but to have a “ready answer” from the Word and for help in time of need.
  • No one can ever take the Scriptures we have memorized away from us…even if they take away our Bibles!
  • God’s Word is powerful! Let’s put that Word within us; for it can change our lives!
  • If we must endure a time of persecution before the Lord comes, having the Word in our hearts will help us to be more able to endure, to overcome, and to be a witness for Jesus Christ. Many Christians throughout history had to endure persecution. In fact, that is often when the witness of the church has shone brightest. Are we ready to shine brightly for Christ as evil in the world becomes stronger?

Can I Memorize Scripture?

Memorizing is a skill which can be accomplished by anyone who has a desire to do it and is willing to practice it. The brain works like a computer. When we repeatedly review phrases or verses often enough (e.g., on a daily basis for approximately 21 consecutive days), the verses become established within our subconscious memory bank. Recall is the process of intentionally transferring information from our subconscious to our conscious mind. It can be accomplished by associating verses with a topic and reviewing them frequently. Essential requirements (qualities) for increasing your ability memorize are: 1. Interest (desire) 2. Intention (a positive attitude) 3. Motivation (willingness to work on it) Memorizing Scripture aids to sharpen our memory in the following: consistency, repetition, practice aloud, write the verses on paper – mechanical reinforcement, associate what you are learning with meaningful topics, categories, mental pictures, etc., and carry the verses on a “memory card” for frequent review.

Reasons People Use For Not Memorizing Scripture

I’m too dumb! (or I can’t) It’s too difficult! It’s just showing off! I’m too old! I’m too busy! I don’t have to. (It’s not required.)

Personal Benefits From Memorizing Scripture

Keeps our focus on Christ Draws us closer to Christ – Hebrews 4:15-16. Helps us focus our mind more continuously on Jesus Christ – John 8:31-32.
Increases our knowledge of the Word. Helps us appreciate the power of the Word – Hebrews 4:12. The Word converts – Psalm 19:7. Makes us wise – Psalm 19:7. Fills us with joy – Psalm 19:8. Memorizing verses “word perfect” together with the reference clarifies scripture and makes it easier to use and apply.
Ministers to us – II Timothy 3:16-17, John 15:7 1. Strengthens us spiritually – Isaiah 41:10, Philippians 4:13. Increases our faith and trust in God – Romans 10:17. Fills us with love.
Promotes spiritual growth- Helps us to abstain from evil – I Thessalonians 5:22. Produces spiritual fruit in our lives – John 15:5, II Peter 1:8. Helps us to become more like Jesus Christ – Romans 12:2, Proverbs 23:7, Luke 6:4.
Gives us peace – Isaiah 26:3. Quiets our hearts – John 14:1. Decreases our anxieties – Philippians 4:6-7. Helps us not to worry – I Peter 5:7. Comforts us – Philippians 4:19. No one can take it away from us – Matthew 24:35.
Motivates us – Prompts us to praise and thanksgiving – I Thessalonians 5:18, Hebrews 13:15.
Increases our prayer time and helps our prayer life – I Thessalonians 5:17. Encourages us to be obedient to the Word – Joshua 1:8, James 1:22, 25.

How To Memorize Scripture 

Memorize 1 or 2 verses per week. Here are four tips on how to memorize:

  1. Start 1 new verse every Monday or 1 new verse every Monday and Wednesday.
  2. Review verses daily for 3 weeks.
  3. After that, review every verse weekly.
  4. Carry verses with you on small cards containing:  Topic, Reference before and after, Verse.

Learn verses by reading and repeating them (aloud when possible) many times during the day. It helps to write the verse out. Learn by phrases. Check yourself each time with the card and learn it “word perfect”.

Always say the reference before and after the verse when practicing.

Read the entire chapter which contains the verse you are learning in order to understand the context of the verse.

Three helps to memorize: 1) Meditate on your verse. Think about what it says. 2) Visualize a mental picture about it. 3) Talk about it with someone else.

The three most important things to do! 1.) Start 2.) Practice daily 3.) Review often

The following Bible verses have been selected for memorization and printed on small, easy-to-carry “memory cards”. They have been categorized into 12 general sets designed to meet the needs of people in various circumstances. They have been prayerfully put together in a way to allow easy memorization keyed to a topic for recall. It is recommended that you read over the topics and begin by selecting the set that God reveals to you. If you have never experienced the joy of recalling scripture, it is our prayer that God will direct you into scripture memory and give you the comfort of hiding His Word in your heart. Why not make it a lifetime habit? All of the Bible verses on the memory cards are from the Authorized King James Version.

Set 1: Life of Faith – Attitudes
This set has to do with attitudes.

Trust God, Be Loving, Contentment, Be Forgiving, Know Whom I Believe, Search Me O God, Wait for Christ, Set Affection Above, Be Thankful, Hold Fast Our Profession, Be Humble, Walk Circumspectly

Set 2: Live for Christ – Action
This set has to do with obedience.

Follow Christ, Control the Tongue, Resist the Devil, Endure Temptation, Study the Word, Love in Deed, Be a Witness, Think on These Things, Do for Others, Do Things Heartily, Doer of the Word, Our Whole Duty

Set 3: Salvation
This set helps us understand the process of salvation and increases our thankfulness to God for what He has done for us.

Christ First (2 verses), Receive Christ, Saved by Faith, Open a Door, God’s Love (3 verses), Repent (2 verses), Believe and Confess (2 verses)

Set 4: Sin
This set helps us to identify sin and instructs us how to deal with sin.

All have Sinned, Wages of Sin, Christ Paid the Penalty (2 verses), Confession of Sin (2 verses), Victory over Sin (4 verses), Weapons for Victory (2 verses)

Set 5: Our Position in Christ
This set helps us to realize our present position in Jesus Christ when we are converted.

New Creature in Christ, No Condemnation (2 verses), Vine and Branches, Justified (2 verses), Christ the Center, Sanctified In the Spirit, Made Righteous, Temple of God, Heirs with Christ,

Set 6: Prayer
This set helps us to realize the power of prayer and the attitude God wants us to have in prayer.

If Ye Abide in Me, Come Boldly, Ask Believing, Pray in Secret (2 verses), Pray with Thanksgiving, Ask, Seek, and Knock, Always Pray, Call on God, Ask According to His Will, The Spirit Intercedes, Pray for Each Other

Set 7: Overcoming Daily Sin
The memorization of this set helps to overcome those daily sins that we all are tempted with.

Gossip (2 verses) Pride Anger (2 verses) Speech (2 verses) Lying and Dishonesty Lust (2 verses)

Set 8: God’s Promises
This set helps us to more deeply appreciate God’s promises and fills us with joy when we discover the depth of His love for us.

Eternal Life, His Word, All Things Work for Good, His Provision, His Faithfulness (2 verses), His Help, His Strength, His Peace (2 verses), Heavenly Mansion, The Assurance of Salvation

Set 9: Giving
This set helps instruct us in giving according to the teachings of God.

Best Example of Giving (2 verses), Give Willingly (2 verses), Give Privately (2 verses), Give Firstfruits, Reward for Giving (2 verses), Good Stewards, Attitude toward Money (2 verses)

Set 10: Praise
This set helps us to continuously praise God for what He has done for us. It is helpful in turning our attitude from asking to giving.

Praise for God, Praise by Singing, Praise for Jesus, Praise in Worship, Praise for Hope, Praise at Night, Praise for Our Position, Praise Him Day and Night, Praise for His Goodness, Praise Him Continually (2 verses), Praise for His Help

Set 11: Fruit of the Spirit
This set keeps us mindful of the kind of fruit that should come forth from our life.

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness, Love, Faith, Joy, Humility, Peace, Temperance, Longsuffering, and Meekness, Strength, Gentleness, and Wisdom

Patience Set 12: The Love Chapter
This set plants the deepest meaning of love within our minds for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh I Corinthians 13:1-13

It also contains instructions for using the Bible memory card set that is available to order by clicking Bible Memory Card Set.

Scripture Memory Cards (Available free-of-charge from Apostolic Christian Counseling & Family Services by calling 877-370-9988 or by ordering  at [email protected])

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