Spiritual Disciplines Sunday School Lessons

Spiritual disciplines are meant to help us grow in godliness. In these Sunday School lessons, students will learn a greater understanding of what spiritual disciplines are, the hope for growth that they contain, and most of all, a more fervent desire to pursue God. Students will be encouraged and learn that a sanctified life is both a wonderful and a challenging journey. These lessons are written for different age levels and can be used by teachers to build discussion and understanding around biblical truth.

Overview of Lessons:
Reading God’s Word

Spiritual Disciplines Lessons- Elementary School

Spiritual Disciplines Lessons- Middle School

Spiritual Disciplines Lessons- High School

For Further Information:

What Are Spiritual Disciplines?
Spiritual Disciplines give you greater understanding, hope and most of all, a more fervent pursuit of God. This document gives some brief thoughts on prayer, reading God’s Word, fasting, worship, and Biblical meditation.