Spiritual Disciplines Sunday School Lessons

Spiritual disciplines are meant to help us grow in godliness. In these Sunday School lessons, students will learn a greater understanding of what spiritual disciplines are, the hope for growth that they contain, and most of all, a more fervent desire to pursue God. Students will be encouraged and learn that a sanctified life is both a wonderful and a challenging journey. These lessons are written for different age levels and can be used by teachers to build discussion and understanding around biblical truth.

Overview of Lessons:
Reading God’s Word

Spiritual Disciplines Lessons- Elementary School

Spiritual Disciplines Lessons- Middle School

Spiritual Disciplines Lessons- High School

For Further Information:

What Are Spiritual Disciplines?
Spiritual Disciplines give you greater understanding, hope and most of all, a more fervent pursuit of God. This document gives some brief thoughts on prayer, reading God’s Word, fasting, worship, and Biblical meditation.

The Benefits of Spiritual Disciplines
In this two-part podcast series of Breaking Bread, Isaac Funk and Fred Witzig help us understand what spiritual disciplines are and how they are helpful to the end that we might be more like Christ.