Spiritual Growth – Milk to Meat Discussion Aids

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Matthew 16:24

These discussion aids are intended for those desiring to learn more about discipleship and the spiritual growth process. It follows the outline of the ACCFS presentation: Spiritual Maturity: Growing from Milk to Meat. The lessons walk through the concept of Discipleship and some Key Priorities, Disciplines, and Attributes which are present in a healthy spiritual growth process. The lessons are formatted to have a presenter prepare a lesson on each topic and then have follow up discussion based on the topic in a group(s) setting.

Each lesson has a theme verse followed by a lesson goal and a few teaching points to guide the presenter. Discussion questions to provoke conversation follow. At the end of each lesson are reflection and homework points to be used for further personal application. These lessons can also easily be modified to be utilized in a small discussion group format.

We suggest beginning and ending with a prayer offered by one of the attendees. It is our hope God may be glorified as each participant feels the blessings of God while they study and learn about spiritual growth.

Spiritual Maturity: Growing from Milk to Meat Lessons

  1. Discipleship and Growth
  2. Setting Key Priorities: Where do I Start?
  3. Setting Key Priorities: The Priority of Relationships
  4. Maintaining Key Disciplines: The Discipline of First Fruits
  5. Maintaining Key Disciplines: The Discipline of Study
  6. Maintaining Key Disciplines: The Discipline of Intentionality
  7. Guarding Key Attributes: Comparison and Love
  8. Guarding Key Attributes: Humility
  9. Guarding Key Attributes: Counterfeits of Growth

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For Further Information:

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Spiritual Maturity: Growing From Milk to Meat Presentation
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