The Settled Identity Podcast Episodes

The Settled Identity Part 1 
Who am I? Some of us ask this question out right. Others of us ask this question beneath our awareness. To be sure, all of us ask this question. The degree to which we are settled, content, satisfied and secure partially rests in this answer of identity. In this episode, Amber Miller helps us understand the health that is ours when we place our identity in Christ.

The Settled Identity Part 2 
Settling your identity on Christ will be a journey. A journey worth taking. In this episode, Amber Miller identifies the road markings for this journey and provides some practical helps along the way.

Healthy Self-Talk companion document.

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Seeing Ourselves In His Image

Christ-Centered Self Worth

The Search for Significance
Author: Robert S. McGee
Publisher: W Publishing Group
This book is about developing Christ-centered self-worth. It is good for individuals dealing with low self-worth, fear of failure, unhealthy people pleasing, and feelings of inferiority. There is a set of CDs also available.