Parenting and Cell Phones Podcast Episodes

Foundations For Adolescent Cell Phone Use 
Is your child ready to have a cell phone? Counselors Craig Stickling and Brian Sutter, interviewed by Matt Kaufmann help coach parents on the significance of cell phone use among our adolescents.

Common Mistakes and Safeguards with Adolescent Cell Phone Use  
ACCFS counseling staff carefully unpack the necessary teaching that needs to accompany an adolescent who has a cell phone.

Reacting to Problems that arise from Adolescent Cell Phone Use 
Challenges and problems will arise when adolescents are using cell phones. How should parents react to these challenges? ACCFS counseling staff presents the power of the cell phone contract.

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Dynamite In Your Hands 
The following PDF resource is to help parents begin a conversation with their children about the goodness, dangers, and readiness of having a smartphone. Permission granted from Christ Community Church.