Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the aptitude a person has for identifying their emotions, regulating them, and wisely acting in accordance with their purpose. Individuals with high EQ are more likely to have satisfying relationships. Fortunately, emotional intelligence is not fixed. Rather it can be cultivated and grown. This course attempts to do just that.

The EQ course is 10 lessons in length. Participants can plan on spending 40 – 60 minutes per lesson. Content is taught through video teaching. Activities accompany the content to help participants learn and reflect on the content. There will be no feedback from a teacher to the student regarding reflections they contribute. These activities are intended to be for self-reflection and personal growth. Below is a table of contents.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Course
Lesson 1 – The Landscape of Emotional Intelligence.
Lesson 2 – My Emotional Self: Proximity I have with my emotions.
Lesson 3 – My Emotional Self: Substance that makes up my emotion.
Lesson 4 – My Emotional Self: Behavior that comes from my emotion.
Lesson 5 – Another’s Emotional Self: Attuning to the emotions of another.
Lesson 6 – Another’s Emotional Self: Just like me, substance lies behind the emotions of another.
Lesson 7 – Another’s Emotional Self: Viewing people beyond their emotions.
Lesson 8 – Interacting as Emotional Selves: Turning toward people.
Lesson 9 – Interacting as Emotional Selves: Empathizing with people.
Lesson 10 – Interacting as Emotional Selves: Responding to others in their emotion.
Conclusion: Pulling it all together.

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