Encouragement During The Coronavirus

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;” Romans 12:12

COVID-19 Specific Resources

Technology and Our Heart
Scripture gives us concepts which serve as heart checks to consider how we are stewarding our hearts and our sound minds at all times, even in the midst of an event like COVID-19 (2 Tim. 1:7). Read more on a few concepts and questions to bear in mind.

Walking With Kids Through Their Loss Podcast
It is easy to overlook the losses our kids are enduring these days. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Craig Stickling highlights what many of our kids are experiencing as their lives have been put on hold during these days of COVID-19. Fortunately, parents are equipped with a few helpful tools to minister to their losses.

The Father’s Embrace
In difficult times, sometimes the most important thing we can do is point ourselves and each other toward our loving Father’s embrace.

Coronavirus Reactions
This special edition of the Around the Table podcast highlights information and counsel from three medical and mental health professionals on how to process and navigate this health crisis.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind during COVID-19
God has made us to be emotionally healthy through the COVID-19 crisis. Sometimes that’s hard to believe. On this episode of Breaking Bread, Brian Sutter helps us untangle our thoughts and emotions so we can walk these days with a healthy mind.

Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear & UncertaintyHelpGuide.org
Anxious about coronavirus? Here’s some tips on how to cope with the fear and uncertainty while also protecting your mental health. More information can be found at Coronavirus and Mental Health

Dealing with Uncertainty During the Coronavirus PandemicHelpGuide.org
Life is filled with uncertainty, especially at times like this. While many things remain outside your control, your mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and facing the unknown. More information can be found at Coronavirus and Mental Health.

Mental Health Tips for COVID-19
Amber Miller recently spoke to the Goodfield congregation on mental health tips which everyone can apply during this time of COVID-19 quarantine.

Hurts & Emotions Resources

Hurts and Emotions Resources
The uncertainty of the world can give rise to a range of emotions in our lives. This section of our website contains several articles, podcasts, and resources designed to help us and those we love navigate emotions such as fear, worry, stress, and unmet expectations. It also contains resources to help in the area of grief and loss.

Unmet Expectation Podcast Episodes
When things in our lives, both big and small, do not go as we hoped, we need to find our grounding in the Lord. Learn about how to deal with the unmet expectations in our lives on these podcast episodes.

Calming Our Fears
Sometimes the storms in our lives seem bigger and we can easily turn toward fear instead of trust. We must learn to look to Jesus in these times, knowing He is right there beside us all the time.

God’s Promises to the Believer
A series of promises from the Scriptures meant to bring encouragement and strength in difficult times.

Suffering Podcast
There are hard questions being asked during this time. Questions which speak to suffering and God’s nearness in the midst of it. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Brian Sutter with Fred Witzig take the topic of suffering head-on and expose the hope that suffering affords.

Lament: Bringing our Emotional Pain to God
What do we do with emotional pain when we can’t make it better? (Hint: David, Hannah, Jerimiah, Job, Habakkuk, and Jesus all did it.)  In fact, the example is so abundant in the Scriptures, you can’t miss it. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. will answer this question and make it very accessible to all who endure pain.

Lament: A Sorrow Expressed
In this article, learn more on the lament process and an exercise is provided to help you through the process. Also included in this article is a video of Ted Witzig, Jr. explaining the lament process.

Grief & Emotions
Grief is a emotional response to a loss. Learn more on the wide range of emotions that people may feel when dealing with a loss and listen to Ted Witzig, Jr explains the ball of emotions that an individual might go through during the grieving process.

Additional Resources

Unknown Expectations
Uncertainty, unpredictability, unreliability, riskiness – 2020.  It’s one thing to have expectations gone unmet.  It’s another thing to be so uncertain that expectations can’t even be set. Those are the days we are in. And yet, there is an advantage these days afford. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Arlan Miller helps us see those advantages.

Walking By Faith Through Uncertainty
The changes and uncertainties of this time can have a large impact on us. Sometimes, we can feel steady while at other times, the stress of the uncertainty is strong. This recent Around the Table podcast features Elder Brothers Tim Funk (Peoria) and Tom Klotzle (Altadena) talking about Walking By Faith Through Uncertainty.

Managing Stress
Unexpected circumstances in our lives can increase our stress quickly. As we trust in the Lord and cast our cares on Him, He can help us deal with this stress in God-honoring ways.

Dealing with Caregiver Stress
There is a special stress that those caring for others can feel. As a church, we have the opportunity to be aware, to be prayerful, and to be purposeful in encouraging these caregivers in large and small ways. If we are a caregiver ourselves, we must be willing to reach out for help when needed even while continually finding our strength in the Lord.

Helping One Another after a Major Stressor
We have an opportunity as the Body to think through how we can look out for and help each other during and after these difficult times. This resource contains important thoughts to consider.

Helping in Crisis and Loss Webinar
This webinar recording focused toward mentors and helpers, discusses key principles & skills which can encourage and equip us as we walk alongside someone in a period of crisis or loss.