Living Joyfully Podcast Episodes

Living Joyfully Part 1
We should be joyful; however, all too frequently the believer in Christ is not. “Living Joyfully” is a 4-part podcast series which provides the biblical framework and practical helps for living joyfully in a not-so-joyful world. In the first episode, ACCFS staff members Kaleb Beyer, Brian Sutter, and Matt Kaufmann explain how to live intentionally and how such living can restore joy.

Living Joyfully Part 2 
It is a great relief to know that a believer can live joyfully in spite of difficult circumstances. In this podcast ACCFS clinicians Kaleb Beyer and Brian Sutter unpack two more practical helps for living joyfully – living in the present and living with acceptance. The Christian will understand that their faith in Christ sets them free to apply these techniques regardless of their difficult surroundings.

Living Joyfully Part 3
It is natural for thanksgiving to come on the eve of blessing. But how about from the ashes of difficulty?  Kaleb Beyer and Brian Sutter suggest that gratefulness is an ear mark of the joyful life, not only because joyful living sends us to thanksgiving, but thanksgiving sends us to joy-filled living. Living with an appreciative heart is the fourth of five encouragements contained in the “Living Joyfully” podcast series.

Living Joyfully Part 4   
To see joyful living modeled, we need only to look at children. Laughter and smiles are a part of their every day. Brian Sutter and Kaleb Beyer suggest learning from children can provide a pleasant relief in our serious lives. Living with childlikeness is the last of five encouragements on living the joy filled life.

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