Marital Distress Resources

Marriage takes work. Therefore, nearly every married couple has challenging times. For some, these struggles reach the point of profound discouragement and despair. Even marriages that are seemingly going well can suffer distress if a single shattering event, such as an extramarital affair, takes place. For others, the distress may be the result of a spouse struggling to overcome an addiction. Regardless, marital distress has a tremendous impact on the partners, often leading to intense anxiety, paralyzing fear, deep sadness, and a sense of hopelessness. The following resources can provide hope and healing for those in this difficult place of marital distress.

Marriage Builders
This site has information about building healthy marriages. Also, there is helpful information about recovery from affairs and how to affair-proof your marriage.

Love Must Be Tough    amazon.commarital problemsAuthor: Dr. James Dobson
This 238-page book describes how to renew hope in a marriage by applying the concept of “tough love.”



marital problemsWinning Your Husband Back Before It’s Too Late
Authors: Gary Smalley, Dr. Greg Smalley
Written especially for women who find themselves separated from their husbands physically and/or emotionally, this 192-page book provides hope for wives who feel it may be too late.



marital problemsWinning Your Wife Back Before It’s Too Late
Authors: Gary Smalley, Dr. Greg Smalley, Deborah Smalley
Written especially for men who find themselves separated from their wives physically and/or emotionally, this 174-page book provides hope for husbands who feel it may be too late.



marital problems

How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong
Authors: Leslie Vernick
This 224-page book helps the reader to do the right things regardless of how his or her spouse acts.  It is written from a Christian perspective.


Sexual Addiction This site gives additional information on understanding sexual addictions and spiritual guidance for overcoming sexual addictions.