Marriage Intensives

Help is available in various forms for couples seeking restoration in their marriage relationship. Often couples experiencing significant marital distress choose the option of attending a marriage intensive program. These programs are usually all-inclusive and held over several days to weeks. Marital intensive programs allow couples to spend a significant amount of counseling hours focused on their relationship over a relatively short time. Alternatively, couples would spend anywhere from 6 months to a year of typical weekly marriage counseling to obtain the same number of counseling hours provided to them through one marriage intensive program. Therefore, marriage intensives allow counselors to get to the root issues in a shorter time. If marriage intensives are an interest to you, please consider reviewing the resources below.

Hope Restored
This organization provides short term marital intensives for couples who are feeling like their marriages may be beyond recovery but are willing to accept miraculous change if God would provide it.  All that is required of each spouse is to be willing to try “one more time” and open themselves up to working with these marital recovery experts who have seen God do amazing things to help couples recover marriages that felt like they were too far gone. They have locations in Branson, Missouri and near Atlanta, Georgia.

The Hideaway Experience
This intensive marital therapy program is designed to help restore marriages that are severely broken. The staff use biblical principles to heal and foster growth in troubled marital relationships. The Hideaway’s Marriage Intensive Experience is for married couples that simply feel like they’re in a place that they can’t get out of by themselves. This includes severe crisis situations, such as couples on the brink of divorce. Yet, this experience is also perfect for couples that are struggling and need in depth counseling. The program is located in Amarillo, Texas.

Crossroads Counseling of the Rockies
This ministry provides marital intensives for couples in crisis as well as those looking for a tune-up. The typical format is a two-week program, though there is also a one-week program available. The program is based on the philosophy that our destructive behaviors are rooted in hurtful experiences that influence the development of false belief systems. Crossroads provides a Christ-centered atmosphere where healing can take place relationally, emotionally and spiritually. The program is located in Buena Vista, Colorado.