Emotional Needs Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help you determine your most important emotional needs and evaluate your spouse’s effectiveness in meeting those needs. Answer all the questions as candidly as possible. Do not try to minimize any needs that you feel have been unmet. If your answers require more space, use and attach a separate sheet of paper. Your spouse should complete a separate Emotional Needs Questionnaire so that you can discover his or her needs and evaluate your effectiveness in meeting those needs.

Click here for the Emotional Needs Questionnaire

For Further Information:

The Wholehearted Marriage: Fully Engaging Your Most Important Relationship amazon.com
Author: Dr. Greg Smalley, Dr. Shawn Stoever
This book offers practical tools for helping couples keep a passionate connection with one another and understand the role their hearts play in their lives.


SMART Love: How Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Will Transform Your Marriage amazon.com
Author: Dr. David Stoop, Dr. Jan Stoop
This provides some helpful concepts for improving emotional intelligence within marriage. SMART is an acronym for S = Self-Awareness, M = Managing Your Emotions, A = Accountability, R = Reading the Other Person’s Emotions, T = Together in the Land Emotions. The book introduces a given topic of the acronym in a chapter and the following chapter shares ten exercises to practice that particular principle within your marriage.