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Friendship in Marriage Part 1: Knowing your Spouse.
Friendship is a critical component of marital love. Unfortunately, too often its maintenance is neglected and our “like” for our spouse suffers. Wonderfully, our friendship can be revived. In this episode, Kaleb Beyer gives us the first of three hints on helping our friendship flourish.

Friendship in Marriage Part 2: Connecting with your Spouse.
Bringing the sun back out in our overcast marriages is not the result of extravagant acts. In this episode, Kaleb Beyer explains the power for good that accumulating small moments of connection have in warming up the climate of our marriages. The currency of affection is simple, basic, local, and accessible.

  • Friendship is a critical aspect of marital love. Friendship says “I like” you. The climate of our marital friendship is a telling indicator of the health of our marriages.
  • Maintain and grow friendship in marriage by these three tips:
    • Enhance friendship in your marriage by being a student of your spouse. Learn his/her likes, dislikes, feelings and thoughts.
    • Show your spouse affection. Reach for your spouse in a way that they feel valued and cared for.
    • Connect with your spouse in the small seemingly insignificant moments of life. Respond to your spouse’s bids for connection.
  • Friendship will nurture a positive marital climate and allows your spouse to be seen in the best possible light. Grace will rule your marriage rather than judgment.

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Cultivating Friendship In Marriage
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