Personal Motivational Statement for Marriage

1. VISION: Picture your marriage in five, ten or twenty years. What do you hope it to look like?
Example: I hope to be in a loving marriage where we enjoy deep commitment, emotional intimacy, and passion. I hope our marriage is a glory to God and a testimony to others. I hope our children feel blessed to be part of our family.

2. REALITY: If you don’t change, what will your future look like? (Provide details. Don’t exaggerate. Be realistic.)
Example: If I don’t change, my wife and I will continue to live two separate lives under one roof. Our communication will continue to be purely logistical and not based upon friendship and oneness.

3. MOTIVATION: Provide a few details about why you are motivated to change. Be specific and detailed.
Example: I want to enjoy my wife’s friendship. I want to be able to share with her and have her share with me. I want her to feel safe around me.

4. DRAG: When you are tempted to just continue on with the status quo, what are the excuses you tell yourself for not making the changes needed?
Example: I’ll work on being more loving tomorrow. I am too busy to take time for her today. She hasn’t treated me as well as I would like so why should I try?

5. COUNTER THE DRAG: Consider each of your excuses in #4. Are they valid excuses?
Example: I need to work on this today because tomorrow will never come.

6. EQUIP: Take each of your excuses in #4 and create a counter response. What statements counter your excuses for not making the changes needed?
Example: Tomorrow never comes. I need to prioritize the most important things first. I am called to be a loving husband and spiritual leader of my home.

7. ACT: Reflect on your responses and create a personal motivational statement. Put this statement into effect today.
Example: Christ is going to use my marriage to bless my wife and my children. I will be a witness of His grace. I will have a loving and fulfilled marriage relationship with my spouse. Simple obedience today will lead to a promising tomorrow. Today, I will begin by doing ___________________.

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