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Leaving & Cleaving
This is the pattern for marriage set early in the Scriptures. This is also the pattern for the gospel set throughout the Scriptures. Christ calls us to leave our previous lives, cleave to him, and become a new creation. In a divine reflection of the gospel, marriage calls us to leave our previous lives, cleave to our spouses, and be a new family. In this episode, Kaleb Beyer walks through the nuts and bolts of this “marriage long” process.

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For Further Information:

Leaving & Cleaving
This document will help with the leaving and cleaving process and also provides information and questions to help facilitate conversation between the child and parents that provide clarity and realistic expectations in this process.

Roles, Responsibility & Decision-Making In Marriage
This document provides scriptural direction and biblical principles regarding roles, responsibilities, and decision making in marriage.  Practical application exercises for couples are provided.

Communication In Marriage
This document covers effective communication skills for couples. In addition to reviewing biblical principles for good communication, it provides instruction and practical application exercises for couples to use. [ACCFS]