Cultivating Connections 2021

ACCFS held its latest marriage conference on Friday, Feb. 5th & Saturday, Feb. 6th in Bloomington, IL. Over 40 couples joined in-person and hundreds more virtually. Couples were asked to consider the state of their marriage and whether they felt like they were flourishing or merely surviving. There is an opportunity to flourish in all circumstances and the sessions discussed several "seeds" which couples can plant in our relationships to encourage this flourishing. You can learn more as you watch or listen to the sessions below and review the handouts, complete the activities, and dig into our resources further.

Main Sessions

Flourishing, Surviving, or Both?: Handout Video Audio

Flourishing signifies growth and health, and we all love the idea of flourishing as a couple. However, in our marriages we all go through seasons where it is more about 'hanging on' and surviving. What are the secrets of turning toward each other and even growing during these times?
Follow-Up Discussion Activity

Flourishing as a Pattern: Handout  Video  Audio

We all create patterns and cycles in our marriages. These patterns have the ability to strengthen us or to lead us to areas of disconnect and hurt. Learn how to identify these patterns in our marriages and shift them into areas of strength.
Follow-Up Discussion Activity

Lessons on Flourishing: Video  Audio

In this final main session, a panel of seasoned marriages will walk through how they have learned to flourish throughout the different seasons of life. Join us as they share lessons learned on flourishing.

Conference Booklet PDF - This booklet is given to in-person participants at the beginning of the conference. The booklet includes the schedule, main session information, area for note taking for breakouts, and follow-up activities.

Breakout Topics:

Flourishing Through Connection: Handout  Video  Audio

Connection is the lifeblood of marriage. How do we create environments where this connection happens readily and deeply? This breakout will walk through practical ways to encourage connection in our marriages and by doing so, help them to flourish.

Flourishing in Difficult Times: Handout  Video  Audio

In our marriage vows, we promise to love for "better and worse." Yet, we never truly think those bad days will come. In this session, a husband/wife team will consider what it means to flourish in these inevitable times, sharing keys to remember to ground yourself and your marriage in times of difficulty.

Flourishing Through Transitions: Handout  Video  Audio

Throughout our lives, we will face many transitions. Our marriages have the potential to flourish in the midst of these times. Yet transitions can also be just plain hard. This breakout discussion will talk through common transitions in our marriages and consider tips to help us flourish in these times.

Flourishing While Serving: Handout  Video  Audio

The needs of service are endless. Without careful consideration, these times of service can become just another battlefield within your marriage. Yet many would say serving together provides one of the sweetest opportunities for your marriage to flourish. This breakout session will ask HarvestCall leaders, Matt and Dana Knapp, to offer perspectives and experiences regarding flourishing while serving.






A big thank you to the Bloomington Church for hosting and partnering with ACCFS!