Three Keys To Recovery

Recovery from addictions, unacceptable behaviors, and broken relationships is hard work. While there are many types of recovery paths and programs, there are three fundamental attributes common to almost all of them: Accountability, Honesty, and Humility.

These attributes are also spiritual matters of the heart AND behaviors the individual either exhibits or does not exhibit. Overcoming addictions, unacceptable behaviors, and broken relationships require the person to be willing to wholly devote himself/herself to these attributes. At times, some people will give “lip service” or give the appearance of being accountable, honest, and humble; however, promises and good intentions are not enough. An individual’s actions are much more important than his/her words. Ask yourself, “Is the person actually doing (not simply talking about) what is necessary to overcome?”

  1. Humility: Refers to the person’s need to submit himself/herself first to God and then to others. It is in recognition that he/she cannot overcome sin and patterns of behavior by himself/herself. It also means the individual takes responsibility for his/her past and current actions, does not blame his/her behavior on others, and does not respond to others with defensiveness.
  2. Honesty: Refers to the person’s willingness to be 100% honest about his/her life and to break through denial and attempts to skirt the truth. This means the individual is willing to confess sin and is quick to report slips and any areas of compromise to his/her support group.
  3. Accountability: Refers to the person’s willingness to let others know what is going on in his/her life and to stay connected to a support network. It means he/she is willing to do whatever it takes to overcome; even when it is difficult and inconvenient.

Note: These three attributes always go together. If one area is compromised, they all fall over.

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