Compassion without Compromise: Sexual and Gender Identity

A challenging issue we face in society today is how to appropriately approach gender and sexual identity issues. The Compassion without Compromise presentation addresses this challenge, seeking to clarify the issues while using Scripture to guide our responses and understanding with grace and truth. It will help us answer the question of how we can, as a group of ministers of the Gospel, reflect God’s love, grace, and truth while loving as Jesus loves when addressing individuals dealing with LGBTQ+ issues.

Compassion Without Compromise Handout

More Information:

What if I’m same-sex attracted?

What if I’m questioning my gender identity?

What if my loved one is LGBTQ?

What if I’m in a mixed-orientation marriage?

How can I show Christlike love to the LGBTQ community?

How can I be helpful to a believer who identifies  as LGBTQ?

What if the LGBTQ reality troubles my faith in God?

Sexual & Gender Identity with Grace & Truth Podcast Episodes
Conviction of truth. Compassion for people. Context for our society. And comfort in Christ. These are our goals. Join Ted Witzig Jr. in this two-part series on the important topic of gender and sexual identity with grace and truth.

Answers to Gender & Sexual Identity Questions Webinar
The topic of gender and sexual identity has become a major issue facing Christians today. This webinar is designed for mentors who are walking with others through questions of gender and sexual identity, providing important context for mentors to consider as well as common questions often raised in this area. Learn how to offer support, help, and hope in this area as you watch our webinar recording.