Family Worship Podcast Episodes

Corporate Family Worship
As parents, God has equipped us to lead family worship. Corporate Family Worship is the first of 4 episodes in a series of conversations concerning the topic of family worship. Specifically in this first episode Matt Kaufmann interviews ACCFS counselors Craig Stickling and Brian Sutter on the topic of family worship in the context of Sunday worship.

“In the Way” Family Worship
Much of worship is caught. Our children witness our lives day to day. They see our devotion and catch our patterns. Do we let them in on our worship? ACCFS staff discusses this critical component of worship development in our families.

Structured Family Worship
Careful intentional teaching concerning family worship is good practice. What forms does it take? ACCFS staff encourages parents in this sometimes-daunting task. Resources, techniques, attitudes and strategies are shared to equip parents in this endeavor.

Barriers to Family Worship
Family worship does not come without opposition. To be sure, Satan wants to thwart our efforts. Yet, great hope can be offered to the struggling family when we find opportunity and redemption in these areas of opposition and struggle.

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