Launching Our Kids Podcast Episodes

3…2…1… no launch. This is the experience of many parents hoping to launch their kids into this wide world. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Craig Stickling and Roger Gasser give sound counsel to parents who have kids on the launching pad.

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Part 2 of 2

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Systems Check for Launch.

For Kids:

  • Do they have roots?
  • Do they have wings?
  • Can they evaluate their thoughts?
  • Can they regulate their emotions?
  • Have they been taught about God?
  • Can they learn from pain?
  • Can they ask for help?
  • Can they engage in the community?
  • Does their independence include responsibility?

For Parents

  • We are stewards of our children. We do not own them.
  • We cannot dictate their beliefs and thoughts.
  • God has plans for them.
  • Do not protect them from pain.
  • Do not protect them from failure.
  • Do not make them into a version of yourself.
  • Give them freedom to make choices.
  • Expect to be disappointed at times.
  • Anticipate handing over control to a larger community.

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