Community & Vulnerability Podcast Episodes

Part 1

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Community has become a popular ideal. A reaction, no doubt, to the ill-effect of our increasingly independent lives. Clubs, groups, associations, and fellowships offer much needed connection and identification for people feeling more and more alone. How is the Christian community unique in providing the connection we fundamentally need? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Arlan Miller and Isaac Funk elevate the community of Jesus.

Community Identifiers

The Christian Community is…

  • God’s ordained way of extending his love to his own people and with the world.
  • The communion of the Holy Spirit living among its participants.
  • A place where people are known and loved.

Part 2

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Vulnerability has become a popular ideal. Authenticity, openness, and being “real” are touted as admirable qualities in our culture. Yet, how does Jesus shape this virtue? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Arlan Miller and Isaac Funk cast a vision for healthy vulnerability and draw from the example of Jesus.

Vulnerability Identifiers…









Jesus teaches us…

  • How to be vulnerable.
  • How to receive the vulnerable.
  • How beauty can be made from the fruit of vulnerability.

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Further Information

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