Sexual Integrity 1.2.3. Facilitator Training

The Sexual Integrity 123 group course uses community to help participants grow in their sexual stewardship. Every group needs to have a facilitator.  Consider the following resources that will help you understand this course and what part you might play as the facilitator.

  • This video gives you a good overview of the course.

  • This video will help you envision the technology interface and how to navigate the lessons.

As a facilitator…

  • As a facilitator you are the group leader. You will be a catalyst for online group discussion and face-to-face meetings.
  • You can add or remove participants to your group.
  • You can adjust the course calendar.
  • You can engage with this course by doing the lessons with the participants or as a spectator.
    • As a participant – you will complete the lessons with those in your group. Participants will see you as a fellow course participant. You will also have facilitator rights.
    • As a spectator – you will not complete the lessons with your group. Instead, you will have the clearance to see their lessons and provide online comments.
  • Engage with your course participants. Reply to every lesson with at least one well developed response that encourages, challenges or instructs your participant. For example: Draw on your own experience and expand on an aspect of the lesson that you find most helpful.
  • Point your course participants to Jesus. Strike a good balance between “grace and truth”.
  • Provide a vision for the overcoming life. Help your course participant to see that the overcoming life is both possible and beautiful.
  • Person to person interaction is helpful. The goal is for the 123 group to continue to walk with each other in meaningful community long after the course ends. To this end, it is important to have “in person” meetings. Use these meetings to build dialogue with group members. There are many ways to meaningfully lead these meetings. A suggested template in person meetings can be retrieved at this link.
  • This course is voluntary. Sometimes participants start and don’t continue to completion. It is not your responsibility to ensure they complete the course. Prompt them reasonably.
  • After the course concludes, it will be deleted, and data lost after 90 days of inactivity.