What Does an Overcoming Christian Life Look Like

This resource helps to accurately depict what an overcoming Christian looks like in thoughts, words, belief, and actions.

An overcomer SPEAKS… 

Honestly: They are truthful and do not minimize or hide when questions are posed to them. Open about spiritual battles.
Proactively: Informs others of temptations and high-risk situations that they are facing. Doesn’t wait until after a fall to speak up.
In a Set Back: An overcomer speaks quickly. Confessing sin soon after it happens.
Mediate: On Psalm 32 & 33.

An overcomer THINKS… 

Spiritual growth takes time: It is a necessary process in a believer’s life. Doesn’t seek quick fixes but focuses on the long-term trend.
Scripture is foundational: Bible verses are memorized and reviewed to use against temptation.
In a Set Back: An overcomer thinks reflectively on how the “chain of events” led to sin.
Mediate: On James 1

An overcomer BELIEVES…

God’s extension of forgiving grace is beautiful, but more beautiful is His peace which follows obedience. The direction of their heart must be toward God. Having or having not sinned is not the only measure of overcoming.
In a Set Back: An overcomer believes in the critical need for grace, repents in humility, receives God’s forgiveness, and moves forward. Meditate: On Romans 6-8

An overcomer ACTIVELY… 

Sets boundaries and defenses to avoid temptations. Cuts off influences which weaken their ability to overcome. Forms accountability support with overcoming believers and submits to their counsel, even in times of victory.
In a Set Back: An overcomer shows Godly sorrow yet actively gets back up.
Mediate: On Ephesians 4:17-24 & Colossians 3.

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