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Sexual Betrayal Mentor Information

The Sexual Betrayal course uses mentors to help provide the best course experience for participants. Consider the following resources that will help you understand this course and what part you might play.

  • This video gives you a good overview of the course.

  • This video will help you envision the technology interface and how to navigate the lessons.

  • This video will highlight important pointers unique to walking with someone through sexual Betrayal.

Lessons learned from our experienced mentors:

  • Read the lesson materials that the course participant is reading. This will be necessary so that you have the same content experience with the participant.
  • Engage with your course participant. Reply to every lesson with at least one well developed paragraph that encourages, challenges or instructs your mentee. For example: Draw on your own experience and expand on an aspect of the lesson that you find most helpful.
  • Point your course participant to Jesus. Strike a good balance between “grace and truth”.
  • Live person to person interaction is helpful. Speaking on the phone or meeting in person is not expected but helpful when it can happen. Choose an arrangement that is manageable and agreeable to you both.
  • This course is voluntary. Sometimes participants start and don’t continue to completion. It is not your responsibility to ensure they complete the course. Prompt them reasonably. If no action is taken over a long period of time, the course will be deleted.
  • Always be a voice of hope.