Personal Motivational Statement for Purity

1. VISION: Picture yourself in five, ten or twenty years. What do you hope to be? What situation do you hope to find yourself in?

Example: I hope to be a loving husband and credible father leading a compelling life for my children, wife and neighbors to see and follow. I want to be a pillar in the church using my story to further the gospel and help others out of sin.

2. REALITY: If you don’t change, what will your future look like? (Provide details. Don’t exaggerate. Be realistic)

Example: If I don’t change, I may lose my wife and children both physically and emotionally.

3. MOTIVATION: Provide a few details about why you are motivated to change. Be specific and detailed.

Example: I want to be satisfied in my spouse and Christ.

4. DRAG: When you are in temptation, what are the reasons you tell yourself for giving in?

Example: I’ll work on this problem tomorrow. I’ve sinned already, what is the difference in sinning again?

5. COUNTER THE DRAG: Consider each of your excuses in #4. Are they valid excuses?

Example: I need to work on this today because tomorrow will never come.

6. EQUIP: Take each of your excuses in #4 and create a counter response. What statements counter your excuses for yielding to sin?

Example: Tomorrow never comes. Whatever dark spot I may be in, turning to God in that moment is a key step.

7. ACT: Reflect on your responses and create a personal motivational statement.

Example: Christ is going to use my overcoming story to bless my wife and raise up my children. I will be a witness of His grace. I will worship Him today in my refusal of indulgence. My faithful obedience today will give rise to a promising tomorrow.

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