God’s Intention for Beauty Podcast Series

Beauty and Faith

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God makes all things beautiful in his time. This truth is curious. It would seem that God has an intention beyond making things right. Or making things work. Or making things whole. He intends more than those…He intends to make things beautiful. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Isaac Funk and Shauna Streitmatter help us understand beauty and faith. When our senses are exercised to detect beauty, we will live a bit more as we were created to live. 

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Show notes: 

Beauty is beautiful. 

  • Beauty is an intention of God. He creates things beautiful. 
  • God sets the standard for beauty. Our senses can be exercised to better detect it.  
  • Anywhere that beauty exists can be a place for worship of God. 
  • Beauty is detected in our senses. We find art, music, flavors, textures and fragrances pleasing to our senses.  
  • We detect beauty in our thoughts.  We find story and lyric appealing. 
  • We must linger with beauty to appreciate it. It slows us down. 
  • Beauty transcends usefulness. Not making life possible but making life worth living. 
  • God is beautiful. Redemption is beautiful. Resurrection is beautiful. 

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