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The Benefits of Spiritual Disciplines

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The practiced pianist, athlete, and mathematician have in common that they make hard things look easy by way of practice. The same is true for the practicing Christian. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Isaac Funk and Fred Witzig help us understand what spiritual disciplines are and how they are helpful to the end that we might be more like Christ.

A Historical Look at Spiritual Disciplines Podcast

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Spiritual disciplines are often associated with the monastic life. This can be both helpful and unhelpful. Historian Fred Witzig, with the help of Isaac Funk, helps sort out the good from the bad as it regards practicing these disciplines. In the end, Fred and Isaac help cast an encouraging vision for practicing spiritual disciplines.



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Further Information

What Are Spiritual Disciplines?
Spiritual Disciplines give you greater understanding, hope and most of all, a more fervent pursuit of God. This document gives some brief thoughts on prayerreading God’s Wordfastingworship, and Biblical meditation.

Spiritual Disciplines Sunday School Lessons
In these Sunday School lessons, students will learn a greater understanding of what spiritual disciplines are, the hope for growth that they contain, and most of all, a more fervent desire to pursue God.