Four Action Words For The New Year Podcast

The new year carries a sense of hope for needed change. In this episode of Breaking Bread, the clinical staff from ACCFS share four words to help inspire and guide the changes we need to make.  These simple four verbs will be easy to remember and promise helpful practical action.

Show Notes:

Four simple action words that can motivate and guide positive change for our new year.

  • WalkSlowing down is necessary for us to live well. It puts us in a position to live mindfully.
  • Cultivate – Fostering, encouraging, and nurturing growth. It puts us in a position where the next healthy step in progress is possible.
  • Balance – Not all things equal, but all things in healthy proportion. It puts us in a position where we are investing in areas that matter most.
  • Explore – Being curious and opening ourselves up to something new. It puts us in a position to grow our world and grow in our world.