The Freedom of Commitment Podcast

Aren’t options great? So much to choose! Yet Kathy Knochel brings a surprising twist to the bliss of options. In this episode of Breaking Bread, she will help us see the shadow of options and the surprising value that comes by way of commitment.

Commitment frees us in two ways. It frees us from and it frees us to.

  • It frees us from options which frees us to focus.
  • It frees us from distractions which frees us to invest.
  • It frees us from paralysis which frees us to purpose.

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Further Information

The Freedom of Commitment 
Who would think freedom is found in commitment? By definition, commitment closes down options, narrowing the field of possible doors, not widening it. The freedom of commitment comes then by walking through the one door that is open, by focusing on the one thing before us, and moving along the path, as narrow as it might be, to the purpose it promises. Commitment allows us to focus, invest, and have purpose. [ACCFS]