Listen To Your Body

Often, our bodies seem like a liability to our emotional, relational, and spiritual health. After all, our flesh is weak. Yet Jesus beautifully sanctioned the bodily experience when He came to earth in the flesh. He showed us that our bodies should not be scorned but instead listened to and exercised to the glory of God. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Brian Sutter and Isaac Funk help us see the role our bodies play in our emotional and spiritual health.

Show notes:

Common Misconceptions:

  • The biological body is irrelevant. Your feelings tell you what is true.
  • Your flesh is a liability. The body is corrupt and will defile you.
  • Healthy spirituality separates itself from the body.


  • The biological body is relevant. It informs our reality.
  • God had good in mind when he created the flesh. We should learn to listen to it.
  • The flesh has been affected by “the fall”. It can be used for wrong.
  • Healthy spirituality is always done in the body.
  • By listening to our bodies, we can learn to detect our emotions.
  • By learning to live in our bodies, we can positively affect our emotional experiences.