Spiritual Formation Course

Abiding in Jesus Together

We are all being formed – every. day. From fashion to opinions, we are all moldable. Very often we don’t see the forces that shape us because they are so ingrained in our environments. It is like the air we breathe. To counteract the formation being done to us by the world, we need a deeper, spiritual formation from God. Christian Spiritual formation is the process of the Holy Spirit, with our cooperation, bringing us into a deeper relationship with God and conforming us to be more like Jesus. This ten-lesson course is designed to help us slow down and pay attention to the forming that most matters – our likeness to Christ. This course is designed to be done in a group. A culture of discipleship within a community that will long outlive this 13-week course.

There are three goals for this course:

  1. Participants will be grown:
  • In self-understanding.
  • In God-understanding.
  1. Participants will be refreshed:
  • By slowing down.
  • By communing with God.
  1. Participants will be equipped:
  • To practice spiritual disciplines.
  • To experience positive change.

Course expectations:

This course is a group course. It is intended for groups of 3 participants or more. Participants are expected to read and comment on the lessons of other group participants. Periodic meetings in person as a group are encouraged.

There are 10 lessons in this course. Participants should expect 1-2 hour/lesson of commitment to the content of the course and group interaction.

Schedule and topics:

[The schedule is flexible, however, we recommend budgeting 13 weeks for the course, spending a week on each lesson.]

Lesson 0 - Introduction to Spiritual Formation
Lesson 1 - Contemplation: Practicing Holy Thinking
Lesson 2 – Rhythms: Practicing Holy Habits
Lesson 3 – Fellowship: Practicing Holy Community
First Get-Together
Lesson 4 – Slowing: Practicing Holy Pacing
Lesson 5 – Silence: Practicing Holy Retreat
Lesson 6 – Surrender: Practicing Holy Yielding
Second Get-Together
Lesson 7 – Sabbath: Practicing Holy Rest
Lesson 8 – Introspection: Practicing Holy Identity
Lesson 9 – Celebration: Practicing Holy Delight
Third Get-Together

Lesson Expectations:

  • Time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours of personal work.
  • Each lesson will include content to be consumed. This content will be administered through the online platform. Nothing needs to be purchased.
  • Each lesson will include some group prompts. These prompts will be seen by everyone in the group. Reserve 30 minutes to review the contributions of other group members and comment on their posts.
  • Each lesson will include journal prompts. This can be done in a personal journal that you have or purchase.
  • Lessons will use the following modes of learning:
    • Text to be read.
    • Videos to be watched.
    • Audio to be listened to.
    • Prompts to be responded to.
    • Prayers to be offered.
    • Journal entries to be written.

Get-Together Expectations:

Getting together in person is encouraged. Three have been scheduled. This time together is intended to build connections, relationships and an opportunity to reflect on the course content together. The long term hope for this course is that it fosters a culture of discipleship among your community. These in person get-togethers facilitate this. Plan these meeting times in advance.

Two Course ideals:

  1. This course is designed to connect you in three directions. With God. With others. With yourself.
  2. This course is designed to be subtractive not additive. None of us need “one more thing to do.” Many of us are probably doing too much already. This course is designed to help you live more healthier.

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Further Information

Abide Discipleship Program
Abide is an ACCFS discipleship initiative focused on providing practical tools and training that, by God’s grace, enable believers to walk a deeper, more transformative life as disciples of Jesus.