Lesson Preparation

Suggested Lesson Plan Template

1. Objectives

Goal – What do you want the students to “take away?” Refine these goals to no more than 3 objectives. These objectives act as a rudder for the lesson.

2. Opener

Goal – Help bring the student to a place of lesson readiness. That is, gain their interest, inspire need, and prepare a mind ready for the lesson.
Ideas – questions, object lessons, stories, activities, skit

3. Bible Text

Goal – God’s Word is the central feature of the lesson. This may be a bible story, verse, or passage.

4. Lesson

Goal – Convey the content of the lesson. Teach towards the objectives. Apply strategies for teaching.

Define terms
Draw comparisons
Point out cause and effect
Discern circumstances
Discussion Questions
Tell the story
Role Play

5. Closure

Goal – Distill the lesson down to the essentials. “If you remember nothing else, remember…” Bring the lesson to a close.

Present the gospel (how does it connect with the lesson?)
Assess the objectives

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