Sexual Purity Sunday School Lessons

We live in a sexual society. Our young people are encountering sexual messages every day. Wonderfully, the Bible speaks to the topic of sex. The Sexual Purity Sunday School lessons contained here include five lessons intended for grades 9-12. However, with adjustments, teachers may find the content also useful for Jr. High classes. These lessons should not be considered exhaustive but are designed to provide a framework for themes surrounding the sexual purity topic. Teachers are encouraged to use these lessons to help support their lessons on the topic of sexual purity.

Lesson 1: Biblical Sexuality

1. The student will understand that God created sexuality and it reflects His oneness.
2. The student should realize our sexual understanding is continually being formed for good or bad.

Lesson 2: Sexual Purity-Get up

1. Students will understand that sexual sin originates in the heart.
2. Students will see the Gospel as the essential solution to the guilt we bear as a result of sexual guilt.

Lesson 3: Sexual Purity-Stay up

1. Students will understand the “cycle of temptation” and see that faith in God is essential for sexual purity.
2. Students will understand the terms “triggers” and “venues” as it concerns the sexual purity battle.
3. Students will understand the need for relationships in order to “overcome” sexual temptation.

Lesson 4: Sexual Purity-Move up

1. Students will understand what “overcoming” looks like in the Christian life.
2. Students will see their sexual sins in context with what God is most interested in – us facing Him.

Lesson 5: Sexual Orientation

1. Students will understand that we are all “bent” and affected by the “Fall.”
2. Students will understand that identity lies at the heart of the sexual orientation discussion.
3. Students will see that biblical “truth and grace” will walk out of step with both the political right and political left. Yet, it provides the best answer for everyone.

Sexual Purity Sunday School Lessons