What is a Discipleship Connector?

There are many resources that exist to support individuals and congregations to live strong, flourishing discipleship lives. Yet, often these resources are not known or do not seem readily available when someone has a need. A Discipleship Connector is established by local church leadership and exists as a liaison between ACCFS and their local church. Their opportunity is to help connect the local congregation with ACCFS resources, teachings, and events. Learn more about this important role in the short video below.

Roles of a Discipleship Connector

Become a student of ACCFS.

Get to know the resources that ACCFS offer, learn how to navigate the ACCFS website, and share resources with your local congregation in various venues.

Watch for ongoing communication from ACCFS.

ACCFS sends periodic emails to the Discipleship Connector group, providing updates of resources and how they might be used within a local congregation. ACCFS also offers periodic, in-depth online discussions about these resources to help answer questions.

Work with local leadership.

Connect with your local leadership to consider the best approach at sharing resources, events, and teachings of ACCFS and which resources might be the best fit for your congregation.

Provide feedback.

ACCFS would love to have an ongoing, open dialogue with you and learn what you are seeing at the local church level and what needs there are. As an outreach agency, we are always seeking to understand and grow in how we can best work with congregations to support their needs.

Where do I start?

We invite you to begin your tour of the ACCFS website and notice the various aspects at our top menu:

Themes - our overall website content is organized around a series of content themes.

Communities - these pages lay out resources centered around and relevant to specific groups or areas of focus.

Events - we host a conferences, webinars, and discipleship trainings and retreats throughout the year.

Courses - we offer a series of online courses on key topics which can be taken individually, as mentor/mentees, or in small groups.

Archive - this section organizes our content by type so you can easily find podcast, webinar, or other resource options.

In addition, you can find information about our Counseling Service and our Teaching Services in the About Us section. If you have further questions or ideas, please feel free to email [email protected] at any time.