Marriage Inventory

Please rate your level of satisfaction for each of the following eleven (?) areas as you perceive them in your marriage on a scale of 0 to 5 where ‘0’ represents very low satisfaction and ‘5’ represents very high satisfaction. Please write the satisfaction rating in the blank to the left of each item. 


                      Very Low                                                                                                          Very High

                     Satisfaction                                                                                                       Satisfaction


            _____           Overall Marital Satisfaction (How happy are you with your relationship right now?)


            _____            Personality / Gender Differences


            _____            Communication


            _____            Conflict Resolution


            _____            Financial Management


            _____           Leisure Activities (balancing time alone / together)


            _____            Sexual Relationship


            _____            Parenting (or decision for family)


            _____            Family of Origin


            _____            Role Relationship (decision making and household chores)


            _____            Spiritual Intimacy


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