Mentoring Young Couples Webinar

Relationships with older, more experienced couples can be extremely helpful for young couples in the early stages of marriage. In this webinar, Kaleb Beyer walks through the mindset, approach, skills, and resources needed to mentor and disciple young couples in the Church. Learn more as you watch the webinar recording.

Mentoring Young Couples PPT Handout

Building Up Marriages– resource community

Further Information

Discipleship: Three Keys to Encourage Young Couples
Discipling younger couples provides an opportunity to be intimately involved in how God is at work in the lives of others. This is a place of privilege and opportunity and also a place that can encourage others by providing true help, hope, and growth. This new article walks through three keys to consider as you step into the opportunity of discipling marriages. Learn more as you read this recent article.

Marriage Mentoring
This mentoring guide is a series of twelve discussion aids through key topics of the marriage relationship.  It is an excellent resource to use for guiding conversations with individual couples or in a small group setting. Copies are available for  purchase at the ACCFS office or through the author’s website here. [dredgray]

The Mentor Guide 
This website offers a wealth of information for addressing family-related issues in the lives of people you mentor. The guide is organized by topics and each topic includes key Scriptures, conversation starters, and helpful resources. [Family Life]

Marriage Discussion Aids
These discussion aids are intended to build conversation around common, core issues for couples. They are designed to be used in a small group setting as a way to seek truth, provide understand and draw couples closer together.