Discipleship Conference 2021

Discipleship is a call of the church. To lovingly walk alongside a soul, journeying with them in their relationship with Jesus, watching the perfecting work of the love of God in their lives…and in our own. Our discipleship conferences are intended to equip, encourage, and challenge those in the local church who are embarking in the call of discipleship. Individuals from 19 different churches joined us this past April and engaged in main sessions, breakouts, and discussion forums which were all focused on helping the mentor, discipler, and encourager to not only be better prepared to disciple others but also to teach and train others within their local church in this calling. We invite you to listen to the presentations of the 2021 conference below.

Main Sessions:

Hide-n-Seek- Handout  Audio  Video
This childhood game is loved by young and old alike. As adults, we have mastered the "hide". Because we have too much to lose by giving up our hiding, we hold up and conceal. Yet, when we understand God and the church community more clearly, we come to understand the gain that comes from the reveal. Discipleship calls us from our hiding.

Story of Discipleship- Handout Audio   Video
Christ established the church and commissioned it to go and make disciples of all men. And this story has been written by discipleship and is key to its history of growth and health.

Discipleship in Our Churches-  Audio   Video
Discipleship is happening at the local church. What does it look like? Learn from a panel of individuals on how discipleship has been utilized in their churches. Learn from the shared experience of both informal and program-based processes.

Breakout Topics:

Culture of Community
Community is where we find challenge, encouragement, and safety. However to enter community requires vulnerability. These two aspects create the lifeblood of discipleship. Learn how to nurture them in this breakout.

Process of Discipleship  Handout  Audio
Go and make disciples. Then teach them all things of Christ. In this breakout we will focus on this second charge. How do we encourage spiritual formation in the lives of others? What are critical elements of discipling believers post-conversion?

Core Issues that Lie Beneath- Handout   Audio
What lies at the surface of a life is what is most noticed and gets most attention. Yet, remarkably most of what lies at the surface can be traced to a very few core issues that lie beneath. Learning about common core issues, how to spot them and what to do about them goes a long way in helping people.

Discussion Forums:

Help With the Hard Issues
There will be times in discipleship when we are in over our head. In this discussion forum you will have a chance to engage with counselors and ask questions as you seek to bring help, hope, and growth to others.

Personal Discipleship Journey- Handout
Discipleship has occurred in your life to get you to where you are today. Listen to the reflection of seasoned believers as they recall what discipleship looked like in their lives. Put your finger on your own moments of impact. Brainstorm together the ingredients needed to build and encourage the process of discipleship.

Sustainable Discipleship- Handout   Audio
It is easy to start something. Hard to continue and harder yet to turn it into a culture that sustains and grows. Join this discussion forum to learn from each other around this critical topic. What has worked? What hasn't worked? How can we encourage each other to a culture of sustainability?


Donations: We rely upon donations to cover the costs associated with this event. If you feel moved to give, please denote 'Discipleship Conference' in the memo line. We deeply appreciate your support!