Emotional Regulation Podcast

Emotion is like fuel. The right amount, at the right time and for the right purpose, yields wonderful results. However, on a negative note, emotion is like fuel. That is why healthy people know how to regulate their emotions. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Kathy Knochel and Brian Sutter coach us on how to do that.

Show Notes:

What is Emotional Regulation?

People who have good command of their emotions use emotional regulation. In fact, emotions for these people are used in their life for the purpose God intended. Emotions are a gift from God.

Why does Emotional Regulation work?

God has made us wonderfully. Our emotions and our bodies are closely connected. In fact, emotion always happens in the body. Just as emotions affect the body, the body affects emotions. There are bodily techniques that can be learned to bring about a healthy emotional experience.

What are some skills for regulating emotions?

  • Deep breathing: Learning to breath in a way that calms your nervous system.
  • Mindfulness: Learning how to be present in a moment.
  • Defusion: Learning how to detach from unwanted emotions.
  • Acceptance: Learning how to make room for unwanted emotions.

Where can I learn emotional regulation skills?

ACCFS Course: Emotional Regulation Skills Course – ACCFS 

What will be required for me to use regulation skills successfully?

Practice the regulation skills.

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