ACCFS Premarital Counseling

How much time have you spent learning about how to have a great marriage? How well do you know the expectations of your future spouse related to such topics as parenting, finances, spending time together, and other such key areas?

Consider the benefits of adequately preparing your hearts and minds for marriage:

  • A Christ-centered, healthy marriage will honor God and will bring joy to you and your family.
  • Godly marriages are foundational building blocks of the family, the church, and society.
  • Godly marriages are a witness to others of Christ’s love for His church.

Early marriage is a time when you both will be doing a lot of learning.  God desires to use your unique combination of backgrounds, personalities, and experiences to draw you together and display Christ’s love for the church (Ephesians 5:25-29) while Satan desires to create tension, polarization, emotional distance, and power struggles to pull you apart (2 Corinthians 2:11). By talking through potential issues or problem areas prior to marriage, you can increase understanding and develop specific plans to address these issues in order to prevent them from harming your marriage.

Remember... A wedding lasts only a day. A marriage lasts a lifetime.

Premarital counseling is intended to help you establish a godly, healthy marriage that will glorify God and bring you many years of joy together. You are encouraged to take the time now to learn about God’s design for your marriage and consider practical steps to live it out. ACCFS has developed a program for the sole purpose of preparing you for marriage. Click on the button below for an outline of the Premarital Counseling Program.


For Further Information:

Online Premarital Counseling Program
This program is a way for premarital couples to learn more about one another.  It is a self-paced program with readings, questionnaires, and guide discussions on the following topics: love language, family, love, values, relationship, and communication. []