Having the Difficult Conversation

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When it comes to having difficult conversations, many of us are avoidant. Unfortunately, this passivity is not helpful in the long run. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Arlan Miller helps us sort out the mindset and the skillset of stepping into these difficult conversations.

Show notes:

When might a difficult conversation be necessary?

  • Difficult conversations might be necessary when silence on issues that concern us and others are leading to increasingly unhealthy ends.

What goals should I have?

  • Goals for the outcome of a difficult conversation should not merely be influencing others on our behalf. Rather, healthy relationships and shared understanding should be objectives.

What preparation should I do?

  • Prayerfully self-reflect. Understand the “story” you are making and develop a curiosity for the “story” other people have. As much as you can, make a safe place for dialogue.

What skills should I bring to bear?

  • Attempt to be thoughtfully direct. Correct with objectivity and encourage with genuine authenticity. Be a curious listener and strive to remain on topic.