Lessons Learned From Mentoring Podcast

Jesus lived among us. He taught us. But more importantly, He exampled for us “the way.” Now we have a chance to follow His lead. But how? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Katie Miller and Marcia Koch share their top three lessons learned from mentoring others.

Show Notes:  

·         Mentoring is more relational than educational.

o    Be vulnerable and trustworthy.

·         Everyone is unique.

o    Be careful not to over generalize.

·         The cross of Christ is central.

o    Everybody in every situation can be pointed to the cross.

·         The “self-talk” that people are saying to themselves matters.

o    Listen for lies.

·         Good questions are key.

o    Assume you don’t know and ask. Assume you still don’t know and clarify.

·         Regularity is more important than frequency.

o    Be there.

·         People are more than their issues.

o    Relate to people on a variety of levels.

·         The Holy Spirit is the change-agent.

o    Pray with people.

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