Internet Filtering & Monitoring Quick Reference

Internet filtering programs are important tools for properly utilizing technology. Two primary types of Internet safety software are available:

  1.  Filtering/blocking software denies access to inappropriate material and/or blocks access to the Internet within established time boundaries.
  2.  Monitoring software provides accountability by allowing a parent/accountability partner to see what another person is doing online.

The following products represent a short list of some of the most effective Internet filtering and monitoring tools we have found. This list should not be taken to imply any of the products are flawless. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses, and their functions and abilities change constantly. Individuals interested in using any of the following tools will need to check the computer system requirements for each product (some products may not be compatible with your computer operating system and/or mobile phone). Most filtering/monitoring software is purchased by subscription, which ensures continual updates. We suggest taking advantage of the trial period most companies offer to see if a product is adequate for your needs and you are comfortable using it.

Covenant Eyes (

  • Monitor and filter for home use.
  • The monitoring version of this software does not provide filtering. We recommend that the filtering/monitoring version of this software be used.
  • Is available for iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone and Android (monitoring only) devices.
  • Filtering is compatible with Windows, and Mac.

FamiSafe (

  • Text and social media monitoring.
  • Location tracking.
  • Works on all iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Allows you to block websites and has photo detection.

Adblock Plus (

  • Ad blocker for individual browsers at no cost.
  • Blocks sidebar and pop-up advertisements that may be inappropriate. Needs to be installed as an add-on for each browser.
  • Provides a browser option for mobile phones and tablets.

Circle (

  • Filter at the router level for home networks.
  • This is a purchased product set up at the router level instead of the computer level.
  • Will work for multiple computers and devices or home-based wireless network.
  • Has many customizable features for all ages and is difficult to circumvent.

Forcefield (

  • Monitor and control specifically for Apple devices; Android version to follow.
  • Extensive features including app sleep, remotely control screen-time limits, track social media photo uploads, and more.
  • Recommended by Focus on the Family as a parental tool to monitor children’s device usage.

Qustodio ( 

  • Blocks inappropriate content.
  • Limit game and app usage time.
  • Provides for physical tracking of phones on virtual map.
  • Monitors social media activity.
  • Manage screen time by device.
  • Monitor and/or block calls.
  • Subscription rates vary according to number of devices

Bark ( 

  • Social media monitoring.
  • 24/7 detection.
  • Text and email monitoring.
  • Screen time and web filtering.
  • Parental alerts.

As technology is ever-changing, this resource will be frequently updated. Please reference