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Marriage: Reflecting God’s Love for the World Part 1 
From Genesis to Revelation, marriage is a major narrative of the Bible. This divine institution is a visible testimony of the relationship nature of God. In this episode, Matt Kaufmann will lead Kaleb Beyer in a discussion that will attempt to peer into marriage and discover the gospel elements contained therein.

Marriage: Reflecting God’s Love for the Church Part 2
Marriage is meant to be a reflection of Christ and the church. When husbands and wives take their cue from Christ, they become a living testimony of this most holy relationship. To be sure, Satan wants to upset this metaphor. In this episode, Kaleb Beyer explains where he does and how we can, through Christ, be re-centered.

Marriage: Reflecting God’s Oneness Part 3 
The intimacy between a husband and a wife holds immense promise, for it springs from immense holiness – The Holy Trinity. Christian marriage is a living testimony of God’s Oneness. In this episode, Kaleb Beyer helps us understand sex as God designed it.

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Keys To A Healthy Marriage
This comprehensive 10-lesson Bible study was developed by ACCFS. We have been given some powerful principles in God’s Word which can be applied to each marriage to encourage it on the path toward health. In addition to some text followed by questions, each lesson includes an exercise for each couple to complete privately. Copies of this study can be purchased from the Apostolic Christian Book Store.