Biblical Decision Making Podcast Episodes

Biblical Decision Making Part 1
The story of our lives in many ways can be chronicled by the many decisions we make. Biblical Decision Making is a podcast series that considers principled truths as well as common misconceptions in decision making. In Part 1, Breaking Bread host Matt Kaufmann interviews Arlan Miller and together they lay a foundation for God’s purposes in decision making.

Biblical Decision Making Part 2
Biblical Decision Making part 2 addresses three more decision making principles and the corresponding misconceptions. Most would agree that in Christian decision making prayer is necessary. Faith is essential. Waiting is inevitable. God wonderfully uses these principles in the decision making process for gains which are often overlooked.

Biblical Decision Making Part 3
Yes or no? At some point in the decision making process we have to decide. Once we do, we rest in a God who has a long history of blessing and redeeming the decisions of man. This episode will highlight the final principles of biblical decision making: seeking wise counsel, walking with God, and God’s sovereignty.

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