Biblical Decision Making Sunday School Lessons

We make decisions throughout our entire life. To learn a biblical framework for making decisions, big and small, is a critical exercise that needs to be started at a young age. These Sunday School lessons build upon the concepts found in our Principles of Biblical Decision Making resource. The lessons are created at different age appropriate levels and are structured to use Scripture, questions, and activities to build discussion around the a framework of Biblical decision making.

Lesson Overview:
Lesson 1: Faith and Godly Wisdom
Lesson 2: God’s Word as the Foundation for Making Decisions
Lesson 3: Walking with God in Prayer and Seeking Wise Counsel
Lesson 4: Accepting Answers Other Than Yes
Lesson 5: Trusting God Through Marriage Decision Making

(Elementary & Middle School lessons only cover the first two topics)

Biblical Decision Making Lessons – Elementary School

Biblical Decision Making Lessons – Middle School

Biblical Decision Making Lessons – High School