Biblical Decision-Making Sunday School Lessons

We make decisions throughout our entire life. To learn a biblical framework for making decisions, big and small, is a critical exercise that needs to be started at a young age. These Sunday School lessons build upon the concepts found in our Principles of Biblical Decision-Making resource. The lessons are created at different age-appropriate levels and are structured to use Scripture, questions, and activities to build discussion around a framework of biblical decision making.

Lesson Overview:
Lesson 1: Faith and Godly Wisdom.
Lesson 2: God’s Word as the Foundation for Making Decisions.
Lesson 3: Walking with God in Prayer and Seeking Wise Counsel.
Lesson 4: Accepting Answers Other Than Yes.
Lesson 5: Trusting God Through Marriage Decision Making.

(Elementary & Middle School lessons only cover the first two topics)

Biblical Decision Making Lessons – Elementary School

Biblical Decision Making Lessons – Middle School

Biblical Decision Making Lessons – High School