Healing from Sexual Betrayal Course


Sexual betrayal is one of the most painful relationship wounds a marriage can endure. Sexual betrayal takes many forms. Pornography, sex addictions, and adultery are a few examples of the realities of sexual betrayal. This course is intended to provide support to wives who have endured this pain. This course is 15 lessons in length. Participants are asked to engage this course with a mentor.

Course Goals:

  1. Participants will better understand the nature of sexual betrayal. Both by understanding their experience as the betrayed and understanding better their husband's experience as the betrayer.
  2. Participants will better understand the relationship they should have with their husband's problem and/or past. That includes proper distance, proper boundaries and how to be helpful to your husband.
  3. Participants will understand what "self-health" looks like regardless of the circumstances. In addition, making positive motion towards an increasingly healthy place.

Required Resources for the Course

Please secure the following resources prior to beginning the course:

  1. Workbook: "Rescued. A woman's guide to surviving and thriving after sexual betrayal" by Shelley S. Martinkus. Link to Amazon purchase
  2. Book: "Hope After Betrayal: Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage" by Meg Wilson. Link to Amazon purchase
  3. Mentor: A godly sister in Christ who can walk this journey with you. This sister should be enrolled in this course with you and make the above book purchases also. If you need help getting a mentor ACCFS will help you identify one.
    • Information: Resources for mentors that will help to understand this course and what part they will play. Link to Information

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Understanding Sexual Integrity Issues and Sexual Addiction.

Lesson 2: The Difference between Trauma, Codependency, and a Co-Addict.

Lesson 3: Loving Yourself Well – Self-Care.

Lesson 4: Triggers and Needs.

Lesson 5: Boundaries.

Lesson 6: The Grieving Process.

Lesson 7: Anger.

Lesson 8: Forgiveness.

Lesson 9: Recognizing the Holes in your Heart.

Lesson 10: Wounds, Lies and Truth.

Lesson 11: Moving Beyond Insecurity.

Lesson 12: Rebuilding Trust.

Lesson 13: Intimacy.

Lesson 14: Why Me?

Lesson 15: Being Better Because of It All.

Lesson information:

Participants can expect to spend 1.5 – 2 hours per lesson.

Lessons will be completed at a rate determined on by participants and their mentors.

Each lesson will follow a similar cadence:

  1. Motivation: This section will motivate with a short video meant to speak to both participant and mentor.
  2. Information: Content for the course will be taught through reading assigned book chapters.
  3. Reflection: Online reflection questions are asked to help participants internalize the content. Questions are intended to give the mentor helpful information to support the participant in helpful ways. Back-and-forth dialogue between participants and mentors is encouraged to foster healthy interaction.
  4. Journaling: This section is intended to be for your own personal benefit. The online platform journal space, when submitted, allows it be viewable only by one’s mentor. Given the personal intent of the journal entry, you may use a paper pencil journal of your choice.  Journals on Amazon
  5. Conclusion: Each lesson will be summarized and concluded.

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